The Suzuki philosophy is famous for its belief that “Every Child Can.” At the Music Conservatory of Westchester, our teachers are committed to the understanding that students should be met “where they are,” then instructed in a way that allows them to grow musically and as naturally as possible. Our program includes a weekly private lesson and a weekly group class throughout the school year, with some summer offerings, as well.

The parent attends the private lessons and group classes, and helps the child practice at home.The group class reinforces what is learned in the private lesson, builds ensemble skills, and creates a nurturing musical community that motivates the student to practice at home. The basics of chamber music and orchestral playing start here!

Each member of our Suzuki faculty is a recognized professional musician who has undertaken the rigorous additional training to qualify as a Suzuki teacher. We accept only the most skilled and experienced musicians to teach in our Suzuki program.

Our staff will meet with you and your child to determine his/her readiness for the Suzuki program. To schedule a meeting and view our calendar and group class schedule, please visit the New Student Registration page. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

Suzuki Program Coordinator
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What is Suzuki?

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki believed that every child is born with natural ability that can be nurtured and developed into musical skills and understanding that can last a lifetime.

Through this individualized and creative approach, we build a strong relationship between teacher and student, and we help each student to develop a love of music through playing their instrument, learning early note reading, and interacting musically with their peers.

The Suzuki philosophy extends to all ages and abilities, and we welcome students of violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano and (coming soon) flute.

The Mother Tongue Approach

Dr. Suzuki noticed that children learn how to speak their native language by first listening, imitating, and repeating.

He planned his pedagogy around this idea, breaking the steps into small, manageable pieces, and then encouraging mastery of each step, including creating a beautiful sound, good posture, and correct playing fundamentals – all essential components of instruction from the start.

To ensure this, he used smaller instruments for young students so they could maintain correct “position,” with the instrument growing in size as the child grows.

Parent-Teacher-Child Triangle

Parents are an integral part of Suzuki lessons, observing private and group classes, and then functioning as the “home teacher.”

The Conservatory provides essential parent classes which help educate the parents about the Suzuki philosophy and give them the skills needed to navigate this rich musical and personal journey with their child.

All sides of the triangle are developed, and this unique partnership helps create the ideal environment for the child’s learning.


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