Music Matters

For 85 years, the Conservatory has provided quality music education for all ages and abilities in classical, jazz, rock, and pop with one-on-one instruction, performing ensembles, theory and composition, early childhood classes, and lifelong learning for adults.

Music Matters

Our esteemed faculty, artists in their own right, help to enrich the lives of more than 2,500 students a year.

Music Matters

Prior to enrollment, new students and parents meet with one of the deans for a free consultation. We help you and your child choose the right instrument, classes and ensembles.

Music Matters

We offer private lessons, performing ensembles, theory and composition classes in a variety of styles including classical, pop, rock and jazz.

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Jeanai La Vita

Voice, Youth Chorus, Musical Theatre

Degrees and Studies: B.M., S.M.U. University; M.M., Manhattan School of Music; Faculty since 2011

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“I started the violin when I was three. The day after my retirement, I went to the Conservatory and I have been here ever since. My goal was to come back to where I was when I stopped playing and within a year I surpassed that so I really enjoyed it.”
- Harry Bright, adult student
“Since retiring from the board, I’ve continued to support the Conservatory because it makes a very valuable contribution to the community, serving people of all ages, adults as well as children, and offering special programs like music therapy that are not available in many other places. The range of programs is truly unique.”
- Robert Gellert, donor and former trustee
“At the Conservatory, children at every level will find the ability to gain confidence and grow through music in ways that affect every aspect of their lives.”
- Mayo Bartlett, MCW parent and trustee
“Music is perhaps the one and only language that all human beings can communicate with and derive joy from.”
- Joel Breitkopf, MCW trustee