EARLY CHILDHOOD (Infants - Grade 1)

All children are little artists. From a very young age, they love to sing, dance, draw, and play-act. As parents, our first job is simply to encourage and support their natural artistic inclinations. At the Music Conservatory, you can give your child the best possible start in music, and have lots of fun exploring music as a family.

We offer classes that introduce your child to the basics, using musical games and creative expression to teach concepts such as melody, rhythm, phrasing, dynamics and more. Our Suzuki program provides a proven, child-centered approach to learning violin, viola, cello or guitar. Shinichi Suzuki believed that all children are born with innate musical ability, and we agree! 

We will help you determine if your child is ready to start music, and what program will be the best fit. Before enrolling, you’ll bring your child for a visit to the Conservatory and meet with one of our experts who will customize a program based on your child's skill-set. Our staff and teachers are dedicated professionals with amazing credentials and a passion for working with children. The Conservatory is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, so you can be assured of the highest quality for your child.

Scholarships based on financial need are available for students of all ages to enroll at the Conservatory.Students and parents are encouraged to inquire and apply. For more information click here.

Here's What we offer:

  • Instrumental Instruction

      • The Suzuki method is based on the concept that all children are born with innate musical ability, and that children learn music the way they learn to speak their native language – through listening, imitation, and repetition. The Suzuki approach emphasizes the importance of early training, and the integral role of parents in the process.

        The Conservatory offers Suzuki instruction in violin, viola, cello and guitar for children ages 4 and up. Children take a weekly private lesson, group class, and music skills class. Parents attend lessons and classes with their children, and practice with them at home every day. Children perform in recitals scheduled throughout the year.

        Suzuki group classes provide an opportunity for children to play their Suzuki pieces together with their peers. Children are engaged and excited when they learn in a social setting. They make friends, learn how to perform in an ensemble and gain additional musical, technical and performance skills. Music Skills classes help children learn the fundamentals of music and introduce note-reading.

        For more information on the Suzuki method, visit the Suzuki Association of America website

      • Piano is a wonderful first instrument for children, and instruction can begin as early as age 4 1/2. While some children are ready to jump right into private lessons, many start with a group class. Our piano classes use a blend of Suzuki and traditional methods.

        Children learn basic piano skills in a nurturing environment with their peers. A parent or caregiver attends weekly classes with their child and guides at-home practice.

  • Young Children's Classes

      • This bilingual (Spanish and English) class introduces babies, toddlers and preschoolers to music through songs, sound exploration, rhythm and movement in an upbeat, nurturing environment.

        Children attend classes with a parent or caregiver, sharing the joy of singing and experiencing music together. Classes are organized according to age: 4 months–age 2; ages 2–3; ages 3–4.

      • Based on the renowned Dalcroze method, these classes teach children the fundamentals of rhythm, melody and harmony through rhythm games, creative movement, ear training, songs, stories and improvisation. Children attend classes on their own, without a parent or caregiver. Pre-K Music Skills offers a perfect entry point for your child’s musical education, helping prepare him/her to learn an instrument. Music Skills classes start in October and continue through May. Enrollment is ongoing through February.

        Music Skills classes provide a foundation of our music theory curriculum which starts in grade 4. Students benefit from taking Music Skills and theory in addition to their instrumental lessons.

        Our Music Skills teachers are certified Dalcroze instructors. To learn more about Dalcroze go to

  • Performing Ensembles

      • Offers a nurturing, enjoyable ensemble experience open to all instrumental and vocal students. Students explore their vocal capabilities through unison and simple two-part vocal music ranging from folk songs to popular tunes. The chorus performs at the Conservatory and in various community locations.

      • Open to all students, including those with no prior musical knowledge or experience. Students will create beats and rhythms on hand drums and household items such as buckets, pails, brooms, spoons, pots, pans and more. Kids will have fun improvising, learning beats from popular songs, and creating original songs as a group.

  • Before you register we ask you to come in with your parent(s) and meet with us. To set up a time fill out the New Student Inquiry Form, or contact:

    Dr. Amanda Tabor
    Associate Dean of Students of Faculty
    (914) 761-3900 ext. 114


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