Thank you for trusting and believing in us.  Your 100% tax-deductible gift will show that you care about our music community and also care passionately about the future of music.

You can decide how you would like your donation to help the Conservatory:
  • Wherever it is needed most – help with the up-keep of our instruments and building, allowing students, families, and our community to enter a warm and inviting school filed with endless musical opportunities.
  • Scholarship Programs - provide the opportunity for students, young and old, to be anything they want to be through music education. 
  • Music Therapy – help us provide our music therapy students with encouragement, guidance, and the opportunity to grow thorough music. 
  • Healing Our Heroes – help our veterans, who have served our country, rediscover themselves through the power of music. 
  • In Honor of/In Memory of

 Let us know if your company has a matching gift program.  This way your contribution will have a greater impact. 

We can’t achieve these things without you.  THANK YOU AGAIN

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