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The elementary years are a time of discovery and development, when children can explore their musical personalities, abilities and preferences. To maximize a child’s potential, it’s important to start learning an instrument at the right age, and to stick with it over time. We’ll help guide you and your child to choose the right classes and lessons, and help you navigate the road to musical success!

For children entering their school’s band or orchestra program, private lessons at the Conservatory will support their success and enjoyment of their instrument. Music Skills or Elementary Theory will give them an edge when it comes to mastering the “language and grammar” of music, and they’ll have lots of fun making music with other children in a string or wind ensemble, Piano Partners, or Youth Chorus.

We’ll ensure that every child gets the best possible foundation in music, and we provide opportunities to explore every type of musical dream, whether your child is a budding classical virtuoso, rock star, or Tony Award nominee. The Conservatory is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, so you can be assured of the highest quality for your child.

An in-person meeting is optional. For more registration information, our calendar and group class schedule, please visit the New Student Registration page. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

Scholarships based on financial need are available for students of all ages to enroll at the Conservatory. Students and parents are encouraged to inquire and apply. Visit our Scholarship Page for more information.

Here's What we offer:

  • Instrumental and Vocal Instruction

      • We offer instruction in all styles of music, on all instruments including piano, voice, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, harp, harpsichord and organ. Our highly qualified teachers use an individualized approach for each student, based on age, goals and learning style. Lessons are available throughout the year, including summer.

        The Conservatory experience includes more than just lessons. Tuition includes:

        • Free music theory classes
        • Discounted performing ensembles
        • Free student performances, including rehearsals with a professional piano accompanist
      • The Suzuki philosophy is based on the concept that all children can succeed in music when provided with the right environment, great teaching, and parental support. Children learn through listening, imitation, and repetition, and early music reading is an important part of the Conservatory’s approach to teaching and learning in our Suzuki program. Parents attend lessons and classes with their children and practice with them at home every day. Recitals are scheduled throughout the year.

        Suzuki group classes reinforce and expand upon what is learned in the private lessons and teach ensemble and musicianship skills, as well as providing a social group with peers. Optional Music Skills and Music Theory classes help children learn the fundamentals of music and reinforce note reading. For more information on our Suzuki program click here.

        For more information on the Suzuki method, visit the Suzuki Association of America website

  • Music Theory, History & Composition

      • Based on the renowned Dalcroze method, this class teaches the fundamentals of rhythm, melody and harmony through ear training, creative movement, songs and improvisation. The Saturday morning classes include an emphasis on Orff percussion instruments. Children attend classes on their own, without a parent or caregiver. Pre-K Music Skills offers a perfect entry point for your child’s musical education, helping prepare him/her to learn an instrument. Music Skills classes start in October and continue through May. Enrollment is ongoing through February.

        Music Skills classes provide a foundation of our music theory curriculum which starts in grade 4. Students benefit from taking Music Skills and theory in addition to their instrumental lessons.

        Our Music Skills teachers are certified Dalcroze instructors. To learn more about Dalcroze go to:

      • For children in grades 4-5 offer a transition from Music Skills to a more traditional classroom setting. Music theory is the language and grammar of music. Learning theory helps you understand the repertoire you learn on your instrument.

        The Conservatory offers a sequential theory curriculum, starting with note-reading and key signatures, and moving through advanced harmony and counterpoint. Our theory classes also include elements of ear-training and music history.

      • Young Songwriters introduces students to the basic elements of songwriting – melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics – through various skills-based music activities, listening to popular music, and simple assignments.

        Students work together and individually to create their own compositions using techniques learned in class and their favorite music. No previous musical experience required. For grades 6 - 8, 60 minutes.

  • Performing Ensembles

  • Large Ensembles

      • Have fun with sticks, buckets, and household items in this inventive class. Learn the basics of percussion and how to play various drum beats. Open to all students, including those with no prior musical experience.

      • Open to students who have completed at least the first half of Suzuki Book 1 or equivalent, and have basic reading skills. The group plays ensemble pieces with simple harmonization, based on familiar themes from classical, traditional and popular repertoire. A placement audition is required.

      • Offers a nurturing, enjoyable ensemble experience open to all instrumental and vocal students. Students explore their vocal capabilities through unison and simple two-part vocal music ranging from folk songs to popular tunes. The chorus performs at the Conservatory and in various community locations.

  • Small Ensembles

      • The perfect way for intermediate and advanced piano students to have an enjoyable and valuable ensemble experience. Students are matched according to age and skill level, and are coached in four-hands and two-piano repertoire by a member of the Conservatory’s piano faculty.

        Piano Partners perform at the Conservatory and may be asked to perform in a variety of community venues. A placement audition is required.

      • A performing group for intermediate guitar students taking private lessons. Rehearse music in a variety of styles, including classical, Latin, jazz and folk.

      • For students who have at least one year of experience in their school band or orchestra, and are taking private lessons. Students learn the basics of playing chamber music and explore a variety of traditional and contemporary repertoire.

      • For students who are starting guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. Play favorite rock and pop tunes. Learn collaborative skills, basic rock styles, chord changes, solos, famous riffs and beats.

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