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Teen Programs

If music is your priority, you won’t find a better place than the Conservatory to hone your skills and explore new avenues. Get involved in our many performing ensembles, from string quartet to wind quintet, from big band to rock band. Master the “nuts and bolts” of music in our theory classes, and discover your creative self in composition or songwriting. 

You’ll learn from the best teachers in the New York City area, explore different musical genres, meet like-minded peers from many different communities and school districts, and build your college resume (did you know that colleges think highly of students with a strong background in music?). No matter what your musical interests, the Conservatory will help you become the best musician you can be.

The Conservatory is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music which accredits college music program nationwide, so you can be assured of the highest quality programs and instruction.

An in-person meeting is optional. For more registration information, calendar and group class schedule, please visit the New Student Registration page. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

Scholarships based on financial need are available for students of all ages to enroll at the Conservatory. Students and parents are encouraged to inquire and apply. Visit our Scholarship Page for more information.

Honors Academy

Students prepare for potential admission to the Honors Program by participating in theory, ensembles with other academy students, and performances. The academy is for middle school students and is by teacher recommendation.

Honors Program

High school students seeking a more intensive musical experience, or considering a career path in music, may audition for the Conservatory’s Honors Program, offering a pre-college curriculum that includes annual requirements for instrumental study, performance, theory, and ensemble participation.  Students perform a full-length senior recital; graduates receive the Artist Certificate.  Because the Conservatory is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, completion of the Honors Program is a highly-regarded component of students’ college applications.

Honors Program studentA limited number of Merit Scholarships are awarded each year for talented high school students to enroll in the Honors program.  

Honors Program alumni include current students and recent graduates of The Juilliard School, Mannes College of Music, Oberlin Conservatory, the Longy School, Eastman School of Music, Blair School of Music (Vanderbilt U.) and others.  Veteran alumni include Boston Symphony Assistant Conductor Ken David Masur, New York Philharmonic flutist Mindy Kaufmann, concert pianists Garrick Ohlsson and William Wolfram, composer Todd Machover, and others.  Numerous alumni are now pursuing significant careers in law, medicine, research, teaching, business, and many other areas.

Here's What we offer:

  • Instrumental and Vocal Instruction

      • We offer instruction in all styles of music, on all instruments including piano, voice, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, harp, harpsichord and organ. Our highly qualified teachers use an individualized approach for each student, based on age, goals and learning style. Lessons are available throughout the year, including summer.

        The Conservatory experience includes more than just lessons. Tuition includes:

        • Free music theory classes
        • Discounted performing ensembles
        • Free student performances, including rehearsals with a professional piano accompanist
  • Group Lessons

      • Group Guitar and Group Piano are introductory classes for teen beginners. You’ll earn basic guitar and piano skills from a professional expert in a fun, low-pressure environment. No prior experience needed.

  • Music Theory, History & Composition

      • Music theory is the language and grammar of music. Learning theory helps you understand the repertoire you learn on your instrument. The Conservatory offers a sequential theory curriculum, starting with note-reading and key signatures, and moving through advanced harmony and counterpoint. Our theory classes also include elements of ear-training and music history. These classes offers students a thorough understanding of musical structure, enhancing their instrumental or vocal study. A placement test or completion of the prior level is required. Students taking instrumental instruction outside the Conservatory are welcome to enroll. All theory classes require purchase of a textbook.

      • Covers the material taught in the first year of undergraduate theory. Prepares students to take the College Board’s AP Theory exam.

      • Workshop teaches the principles and techniques of creating original music. Students listen to and analyze examples from the great composers, engage in group composition projects and have their original music performed. To take this class, students write a short original piece to be approved by the instructor. For grade 7 to adult, 60 minutes

      • Introduces students to the basic elements of songwriting – melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics – through various skills-based music activities, listening to popular music, and simple assignments. Students work together and individually to create their own compositions using techniques learned in class and their favorite music. No previous musical experience required. For grades 6 - 8, 60 minutes.

      • Teaches the basic principles of songwriting – melody, harmony, rhythm, improvisation, and lyrics. Students develop their individual style by applying various concepts and techniques to their own ideas, through various assignments and guided compositional tools. Students will create and perform their original compositions based on their personal aesthetic. Some musical experience is required. For grade 7 to adult, 60 minutes.

      • For teens and young adults with aspirations of performing and recording their original songs. Taught by a professional singer-songwriter and recording artist, students will learn songwriting and performance techniques, while gaining an understanding of how to be successful in the music industry.

        Songwriters and musicians at any level with interest in any genre are welcome to express themselves through melody, lyric, and rhythm. While not required, students are encouraged to hone their instrumental skills through private lessons to accompany their progress in the class.

      • Learn the basics of jazz theory, improvisation, and jazz styles such as Blues, Bebop and Cool Jazz. Students must read music and demonstrate fluency on their instrument.

  • Performing Ensembles

  • Large Ensembles

      • Teen Vocal Ensemble is a challenging and enjoyable opportunity for students to work together as a group, learning to blend their voices and sing in parts. The ensemble sings musical theatre and classical repertoire, and is open to voice and instrumental students. A placement audition is required to determine vocal range.

      • For advanced string students who are familiar with third and higher positions, can shift fluidly, have sight-reading skills and previous ensemble experience. The group plays repertoire in a variety of styles.

  • Small Ensembles

      • Piano Partners is the perfect way for intermediate and advanced piano students to have an enjoyable and valuable ensemble experience. Students are matched according to age and skill level, and are coached in four-hands and two-piano repertoire by a member of the Conservatory’s piano faculty. Piano Partners perform at the Conservatory and may be asked to perform in a variety of community venues. A placement audition is required.

      • Students rehearse and perform a variety of traditional and contemporary repertoire. Placement audition required.

      • Open to woodwind, brass, piano, bass and drum students as well as vocalists. Combo members will learn repertoire from the Jazz tradition and work on the elements of improvisation. Each combo is coached by a member of our Jazz/Rock/Pop faculty. Limited class size (3-7 students) ensures individual attention. Combos work toward performances at the Conservatory and in a variety of community venues. Students must demonstrate basic fluency on their instrument. Grouped according to age and ability. A placement audition is required.

      • Open to vocalists, guitar, electric bass, piano/keyboard players and drummers. Band members will learn tunes by their favorite rock and pop artists, including early blues and such rock influences as Led Zeppelin, AC-DC, and Metallica. Limited ensemble size (3-6 students) ensures individual attention. Bands work toward performances at the Conservatory and in a variety of community locations. Students must demonstrate fluency on their instrument. Grouped according to age and ability. A placement audition is required.

      • For advanced piano, string, woodwind or brass students, matched by skill level. Students study and perform selections from Sonata repertoire.

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