We’re excited to introduce a more extensive Jazz/Rock/Pop program this fall, and we’re rolling out several brand new classes for those interested in new and contemporary music. Expand your musical horizons by learning the basics of jazz theory, harmony and improvisation. Explore your unique compositional voice and write original music. Take an introductory group class in guitar, bass or piano – or delve into the history of rock in our new Cover to Cover music appreciation class.

If you’re looking to hone your instrumental skills, we offer private lessons in all major jazz, rock and pop instruments – guitar, upright and electric bass, drums, piano/keyboard, voice, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone.

Best of all – join a band! We offer groups of every shape and size, from rock or jazz band, to Latin Jazz and Big Band. We’ll match you up with compatible players, and you’ll receive weekly coaching with a member of our outstanding professional faculty. You’ll grow as a musician and have opportunities to perform at the Conservatory and in the community.

Here's What we offer:

  • Private Instrumental and Vocal Instruction

      • We offer instruction in all styles of music, on all instruments including piano, voice, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, harp, harpsichord and organ. Our highly qualified teachers use an individualized approach for each student, based on age, goals and learning style. Lessons are available throughout the year, including summer.

        The Conservatory experience includes more than just lessons. Tuition includes:

        • Free music theory classes
        • Discounted performing ensembles
        • Free student performances, including rehearsals with a professional piano accompanist
  • Group Instruction

      • Group Guitar and Group Piano are an introductory classes for teen and adult beginners. You’ll learn basic guitar or piano skills from a professional expert in a relaxed, enjoyable environment. These classes are perfect for teens or adults who always wanted to learn to play but never had the chance. Limited to 4 students per class.

      • Learn the skills you'll need to play in a band, including note-reading, rhythm, hand position, chord shapes and more.

      • Teaches the skills needed to perform classic tunes by The Beatles, Temptations, Van Morrison, Aretha Franklin, Rolling Stones and other top artists. You’ll learn the recorded versions of 25 classic bass lines, and hone your skills in performance, transposition, understanding song form, and memorization methods.

        Students must be able to read music, be familiar with major scales and key signatures, and have basic proficiency on bass. Limited to 7 students per class.

  • Music Theory, Appreciation & Composition

      • This class wiill help you expand your musical depths, learn the evolution of improvisation, and discover how jazz greats like Charlie Parker and John Coltrane mastered their art. You’ll develop new ways to practice your instrument, understand the Blues, use complex harmonic ideas and structures, and improvise in styles such as Bebop and Cool Jazz.

        Classic solos by Miles Davis, John Coltrane and others enable students to discover their favorite types of improvising and understand the evolution of this uniquely American art form. Students must be able to read music and demonstrate fluency on their instrument. An audition is required.

      • Teaches the basic principles of songwriting – melody, harmony, rhythm, improvisation, and lyrics. Students develop their individual style by applying various concepts and techniques to their own ideas, through various assignments and guided compositional tools.

        Students will create and perform their original compositions based on their personal aesthetic. Some musical experience is required. For grade 7 to adult, 60 minutes.

      • A music appreciation class in which you’ll discover the stories behind classic rock and pop recordings. Each weekly class will cover a different recording by bands such as the Beatles, Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and other great rock artists.

        Students are encouraged to bring refreshments and enjoy learning in a relaxed atmosphere. No previous musical experience is required. For students in grade 10 to adult, 60 minutes.

      • Young Songwriters introduces students to the basic elements of songwriting – melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics – through various skills-based music activities, listening to popular music, and simple assignments.

        Students work together and individually to create their own compositions using techniques learned in class and their favorite music. No previous musical experience required. For grades 6 - 8, 60 minutes.

  • Large Ensembles

      • Latin Jazz Ensemble is open to brass, piano, bass, drumset and percussion players. Ensemble members must be able to read music and demonstrate fluency on their instrument. The group plays repertoire from the Latin Jazz tradition and learns how to improvise using jazz harmony.

        Rhythmic patterns such as Son and Rhumba clave, cascara, and Afro-Cuban 6/8 are introduced. The Latin Jazz Ensemble performs at the Conservatory and in a variety of community locations. An audition is required.

      • Open to trumpet, trombone, sax, piano, and bass players, drummers and vocalists, as well as other woodwind/brass players. Ensemble members must be able to read music and demonstrate fluency on their instrument.

        The Big Band reads classic and modern Jazz and Swing repertoire, giving students the opportunity to experience large ensemble playing and develop their sight-reading and improvisation skills. The group will study and listen to the great Jazz composers such as Duke Ellington, Thad Jones and others. An audition is required.

  • Small Ensembles

      • Open to woodwind, brass, piano, bass and drum students as well as vocalists. Combo members will learn repertoire from the Jazz tradition and work on the elements of improvisation. Each combo is coached by a member of our Jazz/Rock/Pop faculty.

        Limited class size (3-7 students) ensures individual attention. Combos work toward performances at the Conservatory and in a variety of community venues. Students must demonstrate basic fluency on their instrument. Students grouped according to age and ability. A placement audition is required.

      • For students who are starting guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. Play favorite rock and pop tunes. Learn collaborative skills, basic rock styles, chord changes, solos, famous riffs and beats.

      • Open to vocalists, guitar, bass guitar, piano/keyboard players and drummers. Band members will learn tunes by their favorite rock and pop artists, including early blues and such rock influences as Led Zeppelin, AC-DC, and Metallica.

        Limited ensemble size (3-6 students) ensures individual attention. Bands work toward performances at the Conservatory and in a variety of community locations. Students must demonstrate fluency on their instrument. A placement audition is required.

  • Before you register we ask you to come in with your parent(s) and meet with us. To set up a time fill out the New Student Inquiry Form, or contact:

    Dr. Amanda Tabor
    Associate Dean of Students and Faculty
    (914) 761-3900 ext. 114


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