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Nurturing Your Child's Creativity

 Friday, March 11, 2016


All children are little artists.  From a very young age, they love to sing, dance, draw, and play-act.  Even the earliest infant babble has a rhythmic, sing-song quality, as they practice syllables and learn to form words.  As parents, our first job is simply to encourage and support their natural artistic inclinations.  And because our children love to have our attention, it’s important that we take time to join in their creative fun.  

Shinichi Suzuki believed that all children are born with innate musical ability, and in our role as parents we can nurture this.  Sing to your child, and play recordings of a wide variety of music, from classical to jazz, rock, pop, and world music.  Take your child to live music performances – especially children’s concerts where they can see, touch and hear different instruments.  Sign up for parent-child music classes – these start as early as 4 months. 

By age 4-5, your child may be ready for Suzuki-based instruction in violin, cello, guitar, or piano (other instruments come later – starting at age 7 or 8).  Bringing your child to a music school offers a wide range of musical opportunities, as well as a wonderful social environment, broadening his/her horizons (and yours) in a community of families who share a common interest.

For young children, the creative arts are the entry point to learning. Many research studies have documented the benefits of music training starting at a young age: creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, self-confidence, self-expression, and self-discipline, to name just a few.  These are the characteristics that promote future academic and professional success.  Early training also uncovers a child’s talents and may reveal the potential for a career path.

But perhaps most importantly, music touches our hearts in a language beyond words, and offers something parents and children can share and enjoy.  So – ready, set, play!

by Jean Newton, Music Conservatory of Westchester, Executive Director 

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