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Colin Fullerton

  • Degrees and StudiesB.M. Columbus State University, Schwob School of Music; M.M. University of Texas at Austin
  • Music Conservatory of WestchesterFaculty since 2018

Born in: Glendale, CA

Performances and Distinctions: Colin Fullerton is an award winning guitarist from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Marked by sincerity and a heightened sense of drama, his work as a classical soloist has taken him across the United States and Europe. Since completing his master’s degree at the University of Texas at Austin in 2016, he has lived in NYC and collaborated extensively with musicians across a variety of genres, performing regularly at such cutting-edge venues as The Owl Music Parlor and National Sawdust. A proponent of new music, he was a founding member of the “Blue Morpho” contemporary ensemble at the Schwob School of Music, and he has premiered and recorded multiple chamber works by New York-based composers.

Teaching Philosophy: "My goal is to instill an appreciation for the process of learning in every student - ultimately, I consider it the teacher's job to show students how to teach themselves. Within a pedagogical framework that emphasizes fundamentals, I encourage my students to take a creative role in practice and problem solving, instilling a sense of independence and ownership over their musical studies from the very beginning. With music as the medium, I aim to foster habits of critical and creative thinking in each student that can impact their lives well beyond the realm of guitar playing."