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Help support the future of music in Westchester! The Music Conservatory of Westchester depends on your annual support to continue to serve and spread music throughout greater Westchester.

The Music Conservatory of Westchester is a registered not for profit 501(c)(3) community organization that ensures every individual has the opportunity to enrich their lives with music, regardless of their age, background, or ability. 

Financial gifts from donors like you provide what tuition alone does not cover –giving more than 2,000 students each year the chance to study music and participate in performing ensembles, recitals, master classes, playing on fine instruments, etc. For more information on how your generous donation makes a difference view our Fundraising Brochure.


  • Over $100,000 in scholarship assistance for financially disadvantaged, deserving students to build on their passion for music.
  • That our quality programming thrives. Your support is needed as tuition covers only 63% of our annual costs.
  • Reinforcement of music and the arts as a priority in our culture.
  • The chance for youth in need and at risk to study music – a life-affirming pursuit.

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The Music Conservatory of Westchester provides $100,000 in scholarship assistance each year for approximately 80-85 students. Scholarships are based on financial need, and are renewable through high school graduation, provided students meet all program requirements and continue to make good progress in their studies. Entry level scholarships are given to young students ages 5 and up to begin their music training, as the potential for a music career depends upon beginning training at a young age. High school students showing talent and career promise may receive scholarships to join the Conservatory’s Honors Program for pre-professional training.


The Music Conservatory of Westchester is the largest provider of professional music therapy services in greater Westchester, serving 1,800 students annually – both in our White Plains facility and with 30 partnering organizations. The Conservatory serves approximately 75% children and 25% adults - who live in the counties of Westchester, Putnam, Bronx, Rockland, and Fairfield, Connecticut. Scholarships to take music therapy lessons onsite are available based on financial aid. Caring and experienced music therapists work with clients individually or in small groups. Therapists use a variety of music techniques, including instrumental and vocal improvisation, singing, songwriting, and listening/moving to music. Clients are guided through a process of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development while participating in a stimulating musical experience.


In September 2013, the Music Conservatory of Westchester launched a new music initiative for United States military Veterans called “Healing our Heroes,” specifically providing music therapy and related music instruction for local war veterans who are dealing with combat-related injuries. The goal is to provide exceptional music therapy services and music opportunities to restore, support and improve the physical, emotional, and neurologic functioning of wounded veterans, and to improve the quality of life for veterans and their families. To identify participants for the program, the Conservatory is working closely with VA Hospitals in the Bronx and Montrose, and four local veteran centers. Through the support of individuals, corporations and ongoing fundraising, the Conservatory is providing full scholarships for each veteran.