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As members of the Conservatory's Alumni network, we have a loosely-defined idea of what it means to be alumni. We've come across students who began at the Conservatory as young as five and continued through graduation, and those who have studied for as little as a year. Nevertheless, our alumni have a willingness to reflect and to share experiences, and model an intrinsic drive to take part in our legacy.

Our network does not discriminate; it is all-inclusive, and it is voluntary. Unlike college alumni associations, we don't bombard you about paying your alumni donations before you've even graduated. You don't even have to graduate; having a positive experience at the Conservatory is simply enough. Undoubtedly there is something in the air at the conservatory that naturally encourages one to give back. Maybe it was a teacher, a staff member, a student you interacted with that made all the difference. Or a concert you attended, a particular performance you gave, or just the resonating sounds of students in lessons that brought a smile to your face.

What we all seem to have in common is that no matter how much time each of us has spent at the Conservatory, its role and impact in our lives has been profound. It has instilled lifelong passions and cultivated the skills for a multitude of endeavors. It has brought to our awareness and strengthened a love for music, learning, and human connection. We are proud to call ourselves alumni of the Music Conservatory of Westchester.

Would you like to share some exciting news with the Conservatory community? We'd like to hear all about it! Performances, new gigs/jobs, if it's news, we want to know. Please contact Laura Layne at or (914) 761-3900 ext. 106.